Kala Rath Photography, LLC | Presets


Presets are fairly common these days, but finding the right presets can be difficult. That's why I have spent a lot of time developing presets for every level of photographer from beginners to the very advanced professionals. Sometimes you spend a lot of money on presets because everyone else loves them and then you don't find yourself using them at all. That's why I have an awesome system. You can buy presets individually at a low cost. You don't have to buy a large or small bundle that's a large price and then never use them. One preset - $10.00. Boom. Each preset purchase comes with one or more presets, instructions on how to download and install as well as access to a private Facebook group. This group is the probably the most encouraging and supportive group you will find in the industry. We share images, have weekly critiques, preset sales and sometimes I even give away presets for no good reason other than I love you! 


So presets are great, yeah? But what's better than buying presets? Having your own custom presets. That's right. I personally craft and sell presets to individuals who are looking to brand their style. Are you tired of seeing the same exact editing style from the masses over and over again and want your own unique look? This may be the perfect setup for you! But let me warn you, this is so much more than just a custom preset purchase. This is a branding process. You will receive a very detailed questionnaire that asks some in-depth questions about who you are as a photographer and your vision for your work. These presets are then sold to you and they are exclusive. They will never again be sold and no one else will ever have access to them. 

Part of being a successful photographer is offering something unique to your clients that no one else has or is doing. This includes your style and branding. Make your clients CRAVE your style and look. Bring something to the table that is so unique that no other photographer can offer. 

What is your style?

Dark and Moody?
Light and Airy?
Clean and Classic?
Film like?
I have you covered. 

You and I will have a lengthy consultation to determine your vision for your images, style and brand. We will take a look at your current photos (edited and unedited) and find a way to make your editing style exactly what you want. Maybe you find that your images are always too warm or too cool, too bright, dark etc. Together, we will develop presets that are customized directly based on your shooting style. Most presets, are developed based on specific shooting style. However, this preset package option will be based on YOUR shooting style. Whether you are a newborn photographer, a wedding photographer or you shoot a little bit of everything, we can find what works for you!

These presets will be YOURS and yours only. No one else will have these presets. 

This is more than just presets, it is creating your own signature look - branding. 


Visit my preset store here and purchase the custom preset design package. I will email you shortly with a questionnaire and we will get started right away!


* 20-30 Custom Presets designed uniquely for you

* Mentoring session over the phone

* Video conference with Lightroom or ACR education using your presets

* Continued Support

* Most importantly - a new brand and a new style that is all your own