Kala Rath Photography, LLC | Vendor Discounts

As a photographer, it can be challenging to find all the right vendors. There are so many options available to us. Some are worth the money while other's are things we pay for then rarely use or they don't fully meet our needs. As a veteran in the photography industry, I have sifted through so many of these vendors and have partnered with some to be able to provide you with discounts. 


The first vendor is Sprout Studio. Sprout is a studio management software. It allows you to email clients (and see if they have read your emails and even how many times!), send invoices, accept payments, send proofing galleries, sales galleries (similar to Pro-Select), built in contracts and even email templates when you don't have all the right words. It has simplified my life in so  many ways. I truly believe in this software and when you use code "kalarath" you will be able to receive 10% off your first three months.

 have been looking for something like this for years...prayers answered. Sprout Studio, guys. In fact, I love it so much and want you to have it, here is a 10% off your first three months with Sprout. You will never regret it and you will never go back to life before Sprout. I promise. SIGN UP HERE

Sprout Features Include:

  • Studio Management (Stay organized, Collect Money, Ask Questions, Save Time)
  • Galleries (Collect Orders, Deliver Digitals, Protect Yourself, Easy Organize)
  • Album Proofing (Request Changes, Review Changes, Suggest Placement, Organize Revisions)
  • Sales Galleries ( Guide client, Wall Portraits, Imply Limitations, Online Ordering)
  • Built in Contracts, Email templates, Client Questionnaires, etc.
  • & more!


Another favorite place of mine for photographers is NewbornPhotography.Com . Is is an online community for photographers (all kinds of photographers are welcome - even if you are not a newborn only photographer!).  The community website NewbornPhotography.com helps photographers connect, critique and improve their photography by looking and asking questions. They host mentors, Q&A Chats, Weekly challenges and so much more!  Get 50% off your first month at NBP by joining with code "kalarath" 

Some of the member benefits include: 

  •  Public Profile:  Be found by the public with a clean and easy to navigate custom profile, and own piece of the most sought after URL in the business with your custom NewbornPhotography.com URL!
  • Forums : Looking for answers to questions or for a discussion about lighting, workshops, props or post processing? Check out our forums, they just might have what you are looking for!
  • Image Critique: Do you want honest feedback on your images? Take part in our easy to navigate on-going image critique, or take a moment to lend a helpful critique to your peers!
  • Image Search : Not sure what to do with that red wrap? Search our image database to "Gather Inspiration" from hundreds of images!
  • Activity Feed: Keep up to date with trends, news and the on-goings of your fellow newborn photographers with our home activity feed! Scroll down to view status updates, pictures and more!
  • Pin Board: Keep your inspiration organized, by 'pinning' your favorite images on your personal pinboard. Before your next shoot, log in - and browse through everything that inspires you! 
  • Vendors: Have you ever wished that all of the newborn photography vendors would gather in one place, we have too! We have created a vendor marketplace just for the newborn photography community, the one-stop-shop for all of your prop needs!
  • Ready To Ship Marketplace: Do you have tons of used props laying around your studio? We do too, which is why we thought having a Ready-To-Ship market place would be a perfect way to sell your used props - to make room in your studio for new ones!
  • and much more!


I have had multiple websites and blogs at different points. It took me forever to find the right one. This website you are looking at right now is Zenfolio. It has sales galleries that allow me to profit directly from the gallery and the prints are ordered through Mpix (a professional - consumer grade printing lab). You can set your prices to make as little or as much profit as you like. There are pre-made templates and the ability to start from scratch. Zenfolio has been my primary website service for over four years now and I intend to never change. Use code "2T5-DTA-AMQ"  and get 10% off your Zenfolio website service.