Kala Rath Photography, LLC | Your Session


Sessions can be done in the studio or on location, depending on the client's preference. However, all newborn sessions are done in the studio for safety and better control over the environment. 
Maternity: Maternity sessions are best done around the seventh month of your pregnancy, but the optimal time is around week 34 or 35.  If you have a particular baby outfit, sonogram, charm bracelet for the baby, baby shoes, etc. that you want to use, feel free to bring them. I recommend jeans and a tank for all sessions with a change of clothes that is weather appropriate (long summer dress/ jeans and a sweater.) I prefer your top to fit tightly around your belly so we can really show it off! If Dad and/or other children would like to be in the pictures as well, I recommend jeans and button up shirts.
Newborn: Newborn sessions are optimally done between 5-12 days old. Sessions last from 2-3 hours with changes, feedings, setting up, and getting the perfect shots in between.  
Family: For family pictures, I recommend that everyone wear colors that go together and aren't competing. That said, you don't all have to wear jeans and a white polo either. Avoid things such as Dad wearing horizontal stripes, mom wearing vertical stripes, and baby wearing a Star Wars shirt. Solid colors are always a good, but prints can be great as long as they don't clash. Look at my gallery for some ideas for color coordinating families!